Meet The Cultivate Team

Meet The Cultivate Team

Kim Creekmore / Owner + Stylist

I dedicate my life to creating beautifully dynamic hair for each of my clients. Although I did not formally attend school until 2005, my love affair with styling hair began much earlier. Before attending Je Boutique in El Cajon, I was practicing my art on my family, my friends and myself. They were wonderful models and a great support in my early career. I have been cultivating my craft for over 10 years, creating clean and contemporary cuts for my clientele. Before beginning my solo career, I left San Diego’s premiere salon, Gila Rut as a master stylist, where I had been honing my skill since 2007. My pursuit of a challenging creative outlet landed me a spot on Gila Rut’s world renowned Creative Team. In 2012, I was invited to cut and style the short haircut for their Unison Collection. My cut and style garnered, not only Gila Rut’s, but also my own name in Hot Hair magazine and California Stylist. These publications are widely distributed throughout California. In 2010 and 2011, I participated styling for the Day Time Emmy’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have produced two photo shoots for entry into the prestigious North American Hair Dresser Awards and will continue to pursue a nomination in the future. My passion, desire and dedication have made it possible for me to open Cultivate, A HairLoveDesign Salon in January 2016. We are dedicated to the art of active listening. I know that through this practice we are more able to help you achieve the kind of hair you have always wanted. I am dedicated to creating as many opportunities to receive advanced eduction to better my skills as a hairdresser and business woman. When you leave my chair, my promise is that you will leave it refreshed and glowing. Thank you for the opportunity to help cultivate the most beautiful you. Live, love and let your life be balanced.

Stephanie King / Independent Stylist

Please book directly with Stephanie. Independent stylists are responsible for their own business including payment, booking, and all other inquiries.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with haircutting and styling. There is an infamous family story from my toddler years that my parents talk about. I used to sit on the kitchen table and put my bows in my grandpa’s hair. Boy, was he a good sport. Throughout middle school and high school, I was styling my friends and family’s hair for events and during college I started cutting and coloring hair. It was at City college that i discovered my love for haircutting, specifically short hair, and I was encouraged by my teachers to continue to develop those skills even after school. After attending school I assisted and worked as a stylist in a large salon in La Mesa. While working there, I attended many Schwarzkopf classes including the Essential Looks classes in 2013, 2014, & 2015 and also the Schwarzkopf Color Expert class in June of 2016. I also have attended Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and the Mekka Studio in Montreal, Quebec for haircutting education. At the Mekka Studio, I did a photoshoot with Kathy Simon where I helped to create a haircut and prepare the model for the shoot. This gave me a great experience with cutting and styling for professional and creative editorial work. While I still love haircutting (and short hair), I have realized that there are many things that I am passionate about and love about the hair industry. I love people and enjoy the relationship I am fortunate enough to have with my clients. I love making my clients look and feel their very best. I love that my career is my passion and being the best stylist I possibly can is my top priority.

Kaitlin Baker / Independent Stylist

Please book directly with Kaitlin. Independent stylists are responsible for their own business including payment, booking, and all other inquiries.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved doing hair. Between my husband letting me hack at his hair at the kitchen table when we were just teenagers, to dyeing my hair every color of the rainbow, hair has always been my passion and creative outlet. I even remember running my own Barbie salon as a child, braiding and cutting their hair, and having to save up my allowance to buy more once I discovered their hair didn’t grow back.

After graduating from Bellus Academy in El Cajon, I attended an assistant program at a high-end salon in North Park, where I was able to hone my craft. I was also lucky enough to be able to participate in the 2016 Wella TrendVision awards and submit a model, and it helped shape me into the stylist I am today. I have committed myself to becoming the absolute best that I can in the industry, as well as bring out the best in all of my clients. While I enjoy all aspects of doing hair, I specialize in performing balayage and haircuts.

I am constantly trying new ways to challenge myself and make sure that I continue to grow both as a stylist and as a person. I still continue to take as many classes as I can to make sure I am always able to provide the best experience I can for my clients. I look forward to seeing the relationships I can build and transformations we can go through together.

Kimber Fichtner / Stylist

Please book directly with Kimber. Independent stylists are responsible for their own business including payment, booking, and all other inquiries.

Proprietor – Mane Infatuation. I have over 17 years of experience in the salon industry. Ranging from my in-depth studies of hair color and application, to nail art and haircutting training. The core philosophy of Mane Infatuation is that excellent client consultations, result in thrilled clients and beautiful hair. I stay current with the latest cuts and color trends with continuous education provided by world class educators. My commitment stems from the belief that educating the client as to “what is possible” and my innate knowledge of hair allows will allow me to transform a client’s experience.

Although solid in every aspect of hair services, I have made sure to place special emphasis for the last ten years in staying “ahead of the curve” on color techniques and styling.  This skill set combined with my ability to listen and produce, results in beautiful hair and beautiful clients!