5 Tips to Preserve Your Hair Color and Prevent Fading

Original Blog Post written by Jen Mc Fall

With summer on the horizon, I see a lot of clients struggle with their hair color fading. The reality of it is, color is going to fade. Period. Unfortunately, that can’t be helped. But with a few tips, you can help preserve your color so it doesn’t fade out and look dull as quickly!

1. Use Quality Product

I now this seems super basic, like DUH you hear this all the time, right? But the reality is: your shampoo matters. Cheap shampoos and conditioners have cheap ingredients that may clean your hair, but not in the best way. So invest a little more and get yourself some quality products made for color treated hair. There are definitely differences between store brand and professional quality products and how they affect your hair.

2. Wash Less Frequently

How often you wash your hair really depends on your personal preference. Your scalp and hair are unique and unlike anybody else’s in this world! But the less frequently you wash your hair, the better. Not only will your hair color last way longer, but your natural oils will actually have time to condition your hair leaving it healthier and stronger! If you’re freaking out about the grease pit that your hair will become if you don’t wash everyday, don’t worry. There is an adjustment period but your scalp will adapt to being washed less frequently and will eventually ease up on the oil production. Plus, wouldn’t you love an extra 15-20 minutes in the morning to do other things? So throw on that shower cap (yes, I actually own an old lady shower cap) and give your hair a rest.

3. Avoid the Sun

Embrace your inner vampire! The sun is so incredibly harsh on your skin and hair and it is VITAL that you protect yourself from it if you are going to be playing outside for more than a few minutes. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time exposed to the sun, get yourself a good hat. Any hat will do: ball cap, sun hat, one of those twirly helicopter hats. As long as your hair is covered, it is being protected from the harsh UV rays emitted by the sun. So go get yourself a cool cap!

4. Condition Before You Swim

When summer comes around, many people flock to the water. But sea water, and especially chlorinated pool water, can be really harsh on color treated hair. I’m sure we’ve all seen the dreaded “blonde turned green” from a fun afternoon dip in the pool. One way to help protect your hair is to wet it prior to swimming and throw in some conditioner. That way your hair will already be full of clean water and conditioner and won’t have any room to soak up the nasties. True story.

5. Use the Correct Temperature

Did you know heat can fade your color? It’s true. Taking really hot showers, cranking your styling tools up to 400°, these can have devastating effects on your hair and hair color. It’s best to wash your hair with cool water and when using a flat iron or curling iron, start with the lowest temperature setting and increase the temp until you get the curl hold you are going for.

When the heat really kicks it up a notch, make sure to take extra precautions and protect your hair! After all, you’ve invested a lot of money to have it colored and treated in the salon, so protect your investment and you’ll see great return on the longevity of your color.


xoxo – Jen 

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